Monday, May 5, 2014


This semester was so much fun, sweeney was such a funny teacher. i never went to sleep one time in his class.he always kept things fun and comfortable. he wasnt one of those teachers who had to be super strict and super serious every day of their life. he showed me that teachers are no different than students. and that is what students need more of in their life. students need their teachers to show them that they can be comfortable around them and can relate to them. that way they are not afraid to get extra help on school work and not afraid to ask questions when they dont understand something.


it is that time of year again! the water is warming up and the sun is getting hotter. and the fish are ready to bite. this is my favorite time of year, however i could do without the allergies. fishing is a great way to hangout with people. or even to relax. you can do it almost anywhere and anytime. rain or shine! there is also all kinds of fishing. you can do salt water fishing. you can fish in a pond. you can catfish at night time. i have been fishing ever since i was little and i absolutley love it. i love showing my little sister how to fish too. everyone should learn how to fish. instead of finding it gross or mean.

a good man

when we read the story A good man is hard to find. i was surprised. i had never heard of a story like this! i thought it was going to be something completley different than what it was. the title itself is very opinionated. for one reason is beacuse a good man should not be hard to find. but then again, this day in time people are constantly searching and in hope for love right away.i wish it could be easy and every man you met would be a good man, but that obviously wont happen. but sometimes you dont need to be looking for a man. you dont need to be searching for love, because the right man.. the "good man" will find you. no matter how far or how long it takes.

Saturday, May 3, 2014


i hope i got the title right... otherwise that would be a tad awkward. ANYWAYS, this move was soo good! it was one of those movies where you get really excited to have class again because you get to finish the movie, or atleast find out what would happen next. i didnt go to sleep during this movie, which means i know it was good. because if i get bored with a movie i will go to sleep. but this one was like a mystery, so you really have to pay attention to understand the entire concept. otherwise you will be lost throughout the entire thing. PLUS, morgan freeman was in this movie. and any movie that morgan freeman is in, is usually a good one. because he is such a good actor, he just makes the movie good... even if its bad.

the glass menagerie

In class we watched a play... this play was called the Glass Menagerie. i did not understand this one bit. it was one of those things where someone was going to have to sit me down and write it out for me detail by detail because as hard as i tried i just could not understand most of this play. not only did we watch the play but we also read it in our books. i think the number one thing i couldnt stand about this play was the mother. first of all her voice was petrifying. she was way to sensitive. she tried to control everything and everyone. and she was so stubborn and just irritating. but her voice was the most irritating thing possible. i felt bad for laura, because if she was living out on her own and surrounded herself with other people then maybe she wouldnt have been so awkward and she could have made something of herself. but she relies on her mother and her brother so much that she is used to it now. maybe if the play was re done, in a newer time period and newer characters, then i could understand it a little bit better

dog poems

The dog poems were my favorite poems we read the whole semester. they were really interactive for the class too. for each dog poem we read, someone had something to say about it! they even had things that related to it. of course each person is going to have their own opinions on the situation or story, and that doesnt mean they are right are wrong. but when one person would say something about the poem, that would encourage another person to say something, and it would just be a chain reaction. i think some people are afraid to speak up in a classroom, so when we read poems like these that everyone can relate too.. they probably feel comfortable talking about it! especially when everyone else is. otherwise everyone will just sit there like crickets on a lake and it will be a long class and a boring one.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Every person looks at poetry a different way. Some people look at it as just alot of words. some might see it as telling a story. and some look at it as a piece of art. for me, im one of those people that fall into each category. it depends on what the poem is about, what kind of poem it is, and if i can understand it. because if i simply cannot understand it or follow along with it then how am i going to want to actually read it... exactly im not.